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Linux Tips

Here we present a way to quickly get started with Ruby on Rails and MySQL or postgreSQL on Linux. Starting a Rails project is quite simple:

rails new todo
rake db:create

But, what if you want to start with mySQL or postgreSQL, and you don't want to use the DB root user, and you don't want to hassle with editing config scripts (database.yml) Here you will find a script that handles the details for you. Using project todo with mysql as an example:

Run the rails_new script from where you want to generate your app, supplying the app name, database(mysql/postgresql) and the ROR user password you want to use as arguments.

rails_new todo mysql mypasswd

This will:

  1. Initialize the Rails app.
  2. Initialize the database.
  3. Set the username in database.yml to [app_name].
  4. Set the password in database.yml.
  5. Start the puma server.

An SQL script with the name [app_name].sql will be created in the current directory, which will show the exact SQL commands executed to set up the database.